Each week, Andrew Scherer of WXXV-TV joins HITP to give our listeners weekly fantasy football tips. This week, Andrew takes a look at the top signal-callers and tight ends available.

QB & TE’S, just wait!
Quarterback and Tight End are two of the more interesting positions in fantasy. While it’s typical to see 20 receivers and running backs go in the first two rounds, it’s not usual to see tight ends & quarterbacks go that early. While the elite tight ends are elite, there is something to be said about just waiting. I usually don’t draft a quarterback until maybe the 5th round, and a tight end only if the price is right.

Elite Tight Ends are basically receivers 
There are three tight ends who deserve a top 30 pick. Travis Kelce, George Kittle, and Zach Ertz all would have finished in the top 15 range of receivers. They are elite pass catchers who warrant an early selection.

Saints TE Jared Cook could put up big numbers as Drew Brees’ latest weapon. Photo courtesy Maven Sports

My Top 10 TE’s
10) Austin Hooper

9) David Njoku

8) Vance McDonald

7) Jared Cook

6) O.J. Howard

5) Hunter Henry

4) Evan Engram

3) Zach Ertz

2) George Kittle

1) Travis Kelce

My Top 12 QB’s
12) Ben Roethlisberger

11) Drew Brees

10) Phillip Rivers

9) Jared Goff

8) Carson Wentz

7) Cam Newton

6) Jameis Winston

Are Aaron Rodgers’ days as an elite Fantasy QB over? Photo courtesy USA Today.

5) Baker Mayfield

4) Matt Ryan

3) Aaron Rodgers

2) Deshaun Watson

1) Patrick Mahomes