Hard In the Paint with David Grubb is more than the typical sports podcast filled with hot takes, broad opinions, and recaps of games you’ve just seen. Through interviews and conversations with local and national experts, former athletes, and more, HITP takes you inside the world of sports in a way that feels personal and intimate while still being informative. No two episodes are quite alike.

Winner of the 2020 Louisiana Sports Writers Association “Best Podcast” award.

The diversity of topics really stood out and made for a great listen. Going outside of just the X’s and O’s of a game elevates the conversation. As a listener, I appreciated the conversation surrounding the past year, as everyone can relate to how challenging it has been, even if they aren’t in the sports industry. The chemistry on the show brings the conversations to life and leaves you wanting more.”

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About the Host

David Grubb spent more than 20 years working in broadcasting, communications, marketing, and public relations crafting messages for others. Though his work produced award-winning results in both the public and private sectors, David wanted his voice to shine through. There were too many things left unsaid, too many stories untold. He turned his attention to sports, his first love, knowing that the stories on the field often paralleled what was happening in the world around him.

In 2019 he brough Hard in the Paint to the radio waves of New Orleans, becoming the first Black broadcaster to host a daily sports talk show on a major network in the city. At the height of the pandemic in 2020, David was forced to shift gears when his station went out of business.

In July of 2020, the first episode of the Hard in the Paint podcast debuted. Besides hosting the successful podcast, David continues to work for multiple media outlets. He is a writer and contributor for Pelicans Scoop, co-host of The Bird Calls podcast, Assistant Managing Editor for MLBbro.com, and television color commentator for Tulane University men’s and women’s basketball, along with regular appearances on local and national programs to discuss issues across the world of sports.

New episodes released Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 2pm CT.

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