Each week, Andrew Scherer of WXXV-TV joins HITP to give listeners weekly fantasy football tips. This week, Andrew focused on the running back position, and gives us his top 12 ball carriers.

How important is the RB position?
The most important position in fantasy football is easily the running back. On most gamedays, starting running backs touch the ball 15-20 times a game, compared to wide receivers who are limited to just the balls that are thrown their way.

Embrace the “0RB” strategy 
While the RB is an important position, depth can be found. This year in fantasy, we’re seeing a weaker middle class of WRs. While guys like DJ Moore, Robert Woods, and Kenny Golladay are fine, I don’t believe them to have true WR1 upside. But on the flip side, there are several middle-round RBs that have RB1 upside. Miles Sanders, James White, and even someone like Latavius Murray could fall into top production. Because you can get those guys late, I recommend drafting WR-WR-WR or WR-WR-TE to start your drafts, especially if you’re picking outside the top 4.

Will Leonard Fournette remain healthy enough to be an elite fantasy back this season?

Beware of the “hype”
While I like guys like Joe Mixon, Dalvin Cook, Todd Gurley, and Leonard Fournette, be cautious. Mixon is incredibly talented, but can that offense implode? The Bengals are the biggest unknown in football, and could easily go 8-8 or 3-13. Guys like Dalvin Cook, Todd Gurley, and Leonard Fournette have a lengthy injury history, are they worth the risk? Be sure to get their handcuffs.

My Top 12
12) Leonard Fournette (End of 2nd/Early 3rd)

  • I like his upside in the passing game, if he’s healthy, he’s going to have a top 10 season

11) Kerryon Johnson (End of 2nd)

  • I’m a little high on Johnson, but the upside is tremendous. Be prepared for a breakout season if he stays healthy & involved in an offense with limited weapons.

10) Joe Mixon (End of 2nd)

  • Despite the concerns of their offense, Mixon is a talented back. He has 60 catch upside & looked great when running the football last season.

9) Todd Gurley (End of 2nd)

  • He was the number 1 pick just a year ago, and that talent is definitely still there. Gurley’s concern is his knee, which is why he’s so far down. If healthy, he’s a top 3 running back EASILY.

8) James Conner (Middle 2nd)

  • Conner looked great in Le’Veon Bell’s absence, can he continue it? I’m worried about his usage and energy history, but I still think he’s a safe pick in fantasy. 

7) Dalvin Cook (Middle 2nd)

  • I’m a little high on Dalvin, but I think it’s justified. Cook displayed elite play last year when he was on the field, and I trust in his ability to stay healthy. He’s got risk, but he’s also got top RB upside. 

6) Nick Chubb (Middle to late 1st)

  • Nick Chubb is elite. What he displayed on the football field last season was incredible, and there’s nothing suggesting that he will not do that again this year. Chubb will be in an elite offense that should provide him with many red zone opportunities. Give me all the Chubb.

5) Le’Veon Bell (Middle 1st)

  • I get why some are nervous on Bell, but the PPR floor is still 1st round worthy. Bell is an elite receiver, and should expect to total 1500 yards & double-digit TDs, with 2000 total yard upside.

4) David Johnson (4th overall)

  • DJ should see a huge boost in production with the addition of Kyler Murray. The concerns about that OL are valid, but DJ should get used a lot in an offense that will lean on his pass catching ability.
Christian McCaffrey nearly became the third back in NFL history to post 1,000 yards rushing and recieving.

3) Christian McCaffrey (3rd overall)

  • I’m nervous that we see a drop off in production for McCaffrey. Last year, CMC saw a boost in usage after Cam’s shoulder injury. Does a healthy Cam use his WRs more? Even with that, he’ll catch 90 passes, making him a sure thing in PPR.

2) Saquon Barkley (2nd overall)

  • Saquon is the most talented RB in the league, and I don’t see him taking a step back. While I am concerned with the pass game, Barkley will make his own offense. Don’t be afraid of Eli or Daniel Jones, Barkley will get his.
Now the featured back in Sean Payton’s offense, Alvin Kamara has a chance to score more than 20 touchdowns this season, after posting 18 scores last season.

1) Alvin Kamara (1st overall)

  • I love Alvin this season. While head coach Sean Payton is expecting keep Kamara’s workload the same, I think it has the potential to increase. Kamara is the focal point of one of the best offenses in football, and should get a hefty amount of red zone looks. I’m confident in ranking Alvin 1st overall in PPR leagues.