Each week, Andrew Scherer of WXXV-TV joins HITP to give our listeners weekly fantasy football tips. This week, Andrew locks in on the top wideouts available and some sleeper picks.

How important is the WR position?
While wide receiver is not as important as running back, it’s still vital to your team’s success. Having a top 12 WR is a must, as the middle to late pack of guys are not strong. You need to draft a WR in one of the first three rounds.

Embrace the “WR-WR” strategy 
So this strategy says that you should draft a WR in the first two rounds. This, in my opinion, is a must if you’re picking outside the top 4. Don’t be afraid to start your draft with guys like Julio and Tyreek Hill. The middle-round RBs have good upside, whereas the middle-round WRs aren’t as attractive.

Remember the “oldies”
Ok, so while Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, and Keenan Allen aren’t old, they are seeming to be overlooked. These guys are slipping in drafts and for what reason? All three of these guys are going in the top 10 of WRs, but have been dropping to the third and fourth rounds of drafts. They’re sturdy WRs who have top 5 upside.

My Top 12
12) Adam Thielen (End of 2nd/Early 3rd)

Adam Thielen had 113 catches for 1,373 yards and 9 TDs last season.
  • I like Thielen a lot, he’s one of the safer WRs towards the end of that 2nd round range. The upside of Stefon Diggs is scary, but Thielen is incredibly safe.

11) Amari Cooper (End of 2nd)

  • Cooper came back to life last season in Dallas and I think he’s here to stay. Add in Zeke’s continued holdout, Cooper has top WR upside in an offense that began to cater to his talents.

10) Keenan Allen (End of 2nd)

  • One of the safest PPR picks in fantasy, Keenan has 115 catch upside. He’s an efficient route runner in an offense that is missing one of its best playmakers. I love Allen’s safety.

9) Antonio Brown (End of 2nd)

  • Brown is the talk of the offseason with all this “helmet” nonsense. Gruden says he’s healthy and ready to go, so what’s there to say that he won’t be back? Brown’s upside is massive and I’m here for it.

8) Mike Evans (Middle 2nd)

  • Chris Godwin is my favorite breakout at the WR position, but that isn’t taking me away from Mike Evans. The Bucs WR has been tremendous, and a new coach who likes to throw the ball is only going to help him.

7) Tyreek Hill (Early 2nd)

  • We saw Hill’s upside last year, and there’s no reason to expect him to come back down to the earth. He’s got more value in standard, but he’s really safe. Mahomes will continue to feed him.

6) Odell Beckham Jr. (Late 1st)

A new team shouldn’t affect OBJ’s status as one of the elite receivers in the NFL.
  • OBJ has upside to flirt with WR1 numbers. His insertion into an amazing offense is a plus, but he also has a potential elite QB. Take all of the OBJ.

5) Michael Thomas (Late 1st)

  • MT is my favorite NFL player, but my bias can’t rollover to my fantasy analysis. While MT is the center of the NFL’s best offense, how much red zone work will he get? I love Thomas as a lock for 100 catches, but his TD production is what will make or break him. He’s the safest pick in PPR leagues.

4) Julio Jones (8th overall)

  • Julio is a freak and there’s not much here to analyze. If he’s healthy, he’ll produce. Draft Julio towards the end of the 1st.

3) JuJu Smith-Schuster (7th overall)

  • JuJu is my favorite WR this year because of where I can get him. I have him as WR3 in PPR and he’s going in the early 2nd. JuJu has 125 catch upside with the loss of Antonio Brown. JuJu is going to go ballistic in that offense. Get him. 

2) Davante Adams (6th overall)

  • Adams is wildly talented, and has one of the best QB’s in the league throwing him passes. He’s a safe play in that offense and should be a shoe-in for double-digit TDs.
Over the last two seasons, Deandre Hopkins has averaged 216.5 fantasy points.

1) Deandre Hopkins (5th overall)

  • Hopkins has no competition for targets, and he should be a lock for insane production. Take him wherever you want, because if he’s healthy, he’s putting up numbers.