Andrew Scherer is a native of Mandeville, La. and a reporter for WXXV-TV. Each Wednesday, he will provide fantasy football tips on the “Hard in the Paint” broadcast. Twitter: @AndrewWXXV


Fantasy Football is one of the most popular ways to stay engaged during the football season, and I’m here to help you get a leg up on the competition. Before we get started, I’d like to say that I’m excited to get on board. Being a New Orleans native, I had a blast connecting with the various media outlets that we have at our disposal. In college I worked with, WWL Radio, and a fantasy football podcast. In my last year of college, I moved into broadcasting, which helped me get a job at News 25 in Gulfport, MS. I’m a TV reporter covering news and sports, and I’m excited to help you all get that edge in the fantasy football world.

Differences in Leagues & Platforms?

Fantasy Football is a pretty cool experience mainly because it’s fully customizable. You can play in any size league, you can change up the rosters, it’s basically a “choose your own adventure game.” With that being said, the standard set-up is 10 to 12 teams, with PPR. “PPR” refers to a point per reception. Everytime a player gets a catch, it’s one point. This has been the new wave the past 10 years, taking over for the not-so-popular “standard” league. A standard league is no points per catch. Basically you get points for yards and touchdowns, that’s all.

Who Dat in Fantasy!

What better way to start off my fantasy talks by reviewing the hometown favorites?

Alvin Kamara

I have Alvin ranked as my #1 player in PPR leagues. With the Saints offense being the machine it is, AK will have the chance to feast in the red zone. AK is a lock for 80+ catches to go along with double digit TDs & 1,500+ total yards.

Michael Thomas

After leading the NFL in receptions last year, MT13 is looking to continue to dominate in this Saints offense. I have Thomas ranked as my 5th WR, making him a end of the 1st round draft pick in PPR leagues. Thomas has a role that isn’t going away anytime soon. MT13 is one of the safest players to draft in any fantasy league.

Jared Cook

Jared Cook stepped onto the scene last year with the best season of his career. Can he repeat in New Orleans with Drew Brees? I think so. I have Cook penciled in as my 7th ranked TE, with a higher ceiling due to his potential red zone ability.

Drew Brees

Build this guy a statue… just not for this year in fantasy. Drew is a legend, a hall of famer, but his fantasy value is interesting. Brees is my 13th ranked QB, but name value will cause him to go earlier than that. In an offense that has changed its identity, I’m waiting on Brees until the later rounds.

Everyone Else

Keep an eye on new running back Latavius Murray. Murray filled in well last year behind Dalvin Cook in Minnesota, and is a serviceable back. I like Murray to step into the Ingram role, potentially making him a startable option. Also keep an eye on Ted Ginn & Tre’Quan Smith, I think one of them will carve out a solid role in the Saints offense and they can almost always be drafted in the last round of leagues.